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A place for

meaningful Pages

Yes, there are many

dog-ears on my books

Welcome to my little special place: Pagebrary.

My name is Frenxi and I’ve been a passionate (avid?) book reader for the last few years. I enjoy reading different genres and book after book, I began to notice patterns, recurring topics and I liked how this book’s web was developing over time. Even in real-life conversations, it often happened that something brought my mind to a specific book or story.

I started to realize that some book was really important to me, and there were some pages or just phrases that left a mark on me in a positive way.

Going back to my books to find that page or paragraph was not always easy, and I began to think that it would be nice to have a place to store, organize (soon!) and maybe share my special pages… so I built it!

Do you think that Pagebrary can be your special place too?